Our Fabrics & Materials


How important is knowing the fibre content?

What you can't see is just as important as what you do when choosing the fabric on your new upholstered furniture.  Knowledge about fibre content can be misleading that's why we only use recognised manufacturers you can trust when choosing fabrics.

Second Nature is Camira's eco-brand, signalling the ultimate in environmental well-being in contract upholstery fabrics.  It designates fabrics which are made from recycled raw materials, renewable and compostable fibre types, or which - in response to customer demand - contain a CO2 offset to make them climate neutral.

Camira says "We don't just want to create products which look great, we have a responsibility to understand and minimise their full environmental impacts".  Second Nature fabrics are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind, using environmental consumers.

Recycled Fabrics

From the first niche fabric made from recycled MOD Army jumpers, Camira now offers polyesters made from post-industrial waste and even E-Leather made from recycled trimmings and shavings from leather off-cuts.

Renewable and Compostable Fabrics

Using renewable raw materials allows them to replace what they take and make. Renewable fibres include nature's most well-known environmental textile, pure new wool, and bast fibres from plants such as nettles and hemp. Because they are protein or plant-based, they will decompose fully for back to earth compostability.  They are all fully biodegradable for a closed loop environmental upholstery solution.

Climate Neutral Fabrics

Camira have established the amount of CO2 produced for wool-based fabrics, starting from a wool fleece sheared in New Zealand, through to spinning, warping, weaving and dying.  Damaging CO2 emissions are then offset by investing in environmental projects via the specialist Climate Care organisation, one of the world's leading emissions reduction companies.

For further information on all fabrics available from Camira go to www.camirafabrics.com.