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Price Match T&C's

By using this website's Price Match facility, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions you may not use or access this website's Price Match facility. The website is provided solely for your personal use. You may not use this website for any commercial purpose. 

          1.0    WHAT'S INCLUDED 

The online shopping web-site where you found the product offered at a cheaper price must have the item in stock; the product must be new and not damaged; and be identical to our product. Competitor's offered price must be accurate, include VAT, and applicable carriage charges (if any), and they must be prepared to sell the item to you at their quoted price. The Price Match cannot be combined with any other offers.

          2.0    QUALITY OF GOODS 

Goods must not be part of bankrupt stock, nor offered through any sort of auction (including E-bay). They must not be end of line clearance items, shop-soiled items or similar.

          3.0    DELIVERY AREA 

We WILL NOT Price Match items from any website if that website is not able, or not prepared, to deliver the item to your shipping destination because it is out of their delivery area.

          4.0    WEBSITE LOCATION 

We WILL NOT Price Match items from any web-site that is NOT based in the UK. 

          5.0    VERIFICATION 

We must be able to verify the lower price. If we find that the competitor's price does not meet these conditions, we reserve the right to request the difference in price from you the customer, or you may cancel the order. We may set a baseline percentage whereby the product will not be price matched below this limit - in this case, your order will process at our baseline price, but this will be visible prior to proceeding with your order.

          6.0    DECISION 

Saxen Limited's Price Match is an offer to treat only, and is not a binding contract until we have accepted and processed your order. We reserve the right not to Price Match for any reason at our discretion - our decision is final.

          7.0    ORDER PROCESSED 

Our Price Match offer is available only prior to purchase. Once we have Price Matched that particular item and processed your order, we will not Price Match that item again under the same order