10 Slim Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

Slim Narrow Depth Compact Home Office Desk

Narrow Desks for Small Spaces

The need for a home office computer has increased. However, the average UK home size has shrunk! This fact is regularly reported in the media.

Indeed, in April the Metro reported Britain has the smallest homes in Europe*. The Royal Institute of British Architects advised the average size of a new one-bedroom apartment is a mere 46 square metres. It can be difficult to find a small home office desk for such a compact home!

Many home office desks have an average depth of 60cm (600mm) or 23.6″. This may well be too deep for some small spaces.

*NOTE: This was originally posted September 2013. Updated regularly to reflect discontinued models and new additions.

10 Slim Desks (under 600mm deep)

1. Marymount Narrow White Desk

The deepest of the 10 narrow desks for small spaces. Still under 600mm. Marymount is a single pedestal white home office desk. This computer workstation is ideal for the compact home office or study. Desktop is 1100mm x 550mm. One of the largest desktops of the 10 narrow desks. Great value for the budget conscious.

This desk benefits from a keyboard shelf. The single pedestal is situated on the left side and contains an open storage and 4 drawers.

Image shown above.

2. Grange Home Office Computer Workstation

Grange Home Office Workstation

This computer workstation is from a range of home office furniture that is UK manufactured. There are 6 colour finishes to choose from including white, oak, black and grey. The desktop is 850mm (33.5″) x 540mm (21.3″). A little narrower and 250mm shorter than the previous desk.

Note: shown in Grey Nebraska finish - click on image for further details.

This desk features a slide-out keyboard shelf, adjustable slide-out printer and scanner shelves and space for CPU.

3. Grange Home Office Desk

The Grange is one of our top best selling home office furniture collections.

This desk is from the same office furniture collection as the previous computer workstation and available in the same range of finishes. This top quality home office furniture collection has a 40mm overhang to the back to ensure clearance of skirting boards and sockets.

The desktop of this model is 600mm (23.7″) wide and the same depth as the previous desk (540mm).

The furniture collection includes additional freestanding modular units which could be added where space permits. Shelving units to fit above the desktop are also offered. Excellent storage alternative where there is limited floor space.

4. Home Office Laptop Desk with Stylish Tapered Leg

A stylish home office desk in three wood effect finishes - darker jamocha, oiled oak or soft white. This desk has stylish tapered legs and a neat hideaway drop down keyboard shelf that looks like a drawer. In fact this desk resembles a hallway console table where it may be ideally located for occasional use.

A longer desktop width from our list of the 10 narrow desks for small spaces at 1200. However it is narrower than the first three desks with a depth of only 500mm. Image of jamocha wood shown in selection shot.

5. Avon Leather Handled Wall Mounted Space Saver Desk

Well you'll struggle to find anything more space saving than this ingenious desk! It has a closed depth of 127mm! When opened out it is still a narrow competitor at 485mm

Being wall mounted leaves the floor space clear too. You can position it to suit your height (either seated at a chair or standing if preferred). It also boasts a neat internal pin board for your important reminder notes. We love the top shelf which allows you to give this workstation a homely feel by showing off a favourite family photo or ornament.

6. Industrial Style Bench Desk

Past the half way point of the 10 narrow desks for small spaces is this modern industrial style bench desk. This desk has open shelves and is offered in three finishes - the light charter oak (is shown in image above) or darker smoked oak (shown in main post image with L-shaped desk).

This desk is 1054mm wide with a depth of 470mm. This range includes a variety of different desks and coordinating two or four shelf bookcase, if space permits.

7. Essentials Single Pedestal Computer Desk with Storage

The Essentials is essentially a very typical looking single pedestal desk. The main advantage to these desks is they include storage! This one is no exception and includes a drawer and cupboard within the pedestal. This neat little desk also features a funky flip down shelf which is ideal for a keyboard and mouse but will equally double up as a laptop storage area. 

It has a decent sized desktop of 1189mm and that all important narrow depth of 470mm.

8. Hideaway Home Office Craft Station Desk

Not one that might initially spring to mind (it looks larger than it is) but this clever hideaway is an ideal choice for a compact space in the modern home. Great to close down and hideaway all your work at the end of the day or for the weekend. It looks just like a cupboard. With a height of 1564 mm this has ample storage space. The desk worktop area drop down to provide ample workspace and there is lots of storage so everything is immediatly to hand!

When closed up this unit has depth of a mere 554mm! The width of the unit is 892mm. Perfect if you need the storage space.

9. Compact Crystal Home Office Workstation

The Crystal is a stylish and compact glass desk with tempered glass desktop and printer shelf. Compact and budget conscious! This desk includes castors (wheels) at the back which makes it very easy to wheel out to reach sockets or for cleaning behind.

This computer desk has 760mm width and 540mm depth.

Image above.

10. Cinnamon Cherry Home Office Corner Desk

This desk sneaks in just under the 600mm with a depth of 594mm. It is perfect for the corner of a small home office, study or bedroom. The width is 1167mm. It offers a flip down shelf ideal for a keyboard and two open storage shelves. The benefit to this unit is it can be neatly tucked into a corner.


Remember our Price Match Promise - should you find any of the above products cheaper elsewhere we'll match the price. Call for details.

This post includes only a small selection of the narrower depth desks Saxen offers. If you would like help in finding compact and/or narrow desks for small spaces for your home, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Team for advice.

Home Office Chairs without Wheels!

Home Office Chairs without Castors no Wheels

Home Office Chairs without Wheels!

(Written September 2013 and updated to reflect new/discontinued products).

Customers often prefer to choose home office chairs without wheels (i.e. castors).

There can be a whole range of reasons for this.

  • floor covering
  • safety concerns
  • or personal preference


Thick carpets would certainly impede a rolling chair! A good reason for seeking home office chairs without wheels! There may also be concerns over marking new wooden or tiled flooring.


Elderly people or those with a disability could be concerned about mobility issues. They may be anxious in case the chair rolls before they are seated properly, particularly on hard flooring. Parents may worry the kids will see the office chair as a new toy. Potential home accidents!


The smaller home office user may feel there is no requirement for castors. They may only use the home office for limited periods. Design and colour to coordinate with existing fixtures and fittings in the room could lead the choice. Function being of less importance than personal preference and decor!


Choosing Home Office Chairs without Wheels – Styles to Consider

Office Chairs Without WheelsCantilever Office Chairs: 

The image to the right shows four examples of cantilever framed chairs. A popular option for customers seeking home office chairs without wheels!

Chairs in this style are generally marketed as guest, visitor or sometimes boardroom chairs. This design type of office seating is popular in reception areas and public areas where there is no requirement for the user to move, or roll, the chair. Some are also stackable so a popular choice in a boardroom or conference setting particularly where the room may have various uses.

These chairs are quite comfortable for short term use and, for the home office, ideal to colour coordinate. Frequently available in a wide array of colourful fabrics and materials. You can see some of these in the example image - mesh back, fabric back and seat and leather finishes. Please click on the image to see cantilever style chairs available to purchase online.

Four Legged Chairs:

Again these may be marked as reception chairs or visitor seating. These are also usually designed for use in reception areas of hotels or waiting areas or as guest seating in a office environment. 

An alternative, if the cantilever frame isn't your cup of tea.

Stacking Chairs: 

Another option is the stacking chair. Generally stacking chairs are thought of for canteens or cafeterias and some are for outside use.

Indeed, polypropylene examples are popular for eating places for ease of cleaning. However, there are fabric choices available in a range of colour fabrics.

Stacking chairs are often lighter and take up less space than cantilever chairs. They are easier to move around. Some even fold flat and so easily stored when not in use.

Office Chairs with Glides: 

The third and final option are chairs with glides (image below with the Nefil ergonomic office chair). Glides are essentially little flat feet rather than castors (i.e. wheels).

The main disadvantage to the models above (ie cantilever or stacking chairs) is their lack of function. They are not height adjustable. Often in a home office, for occasional use, this is not a particular disadvantage. However, if you work from home on a regular basis then function is important. Not all chairs are shown with glides on the online store. If you would prefer a chair with glides please call us for a list of office chairs offered with a glide option rather than castors.

If you are interested in any of the chairs in the images or would like some help and advice in choosing home office chairs without wheels, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 01560 322072.

Green Mesh Nefil Ergonomic Office Chair with Glides

How is your bookcase organised ?

How is your bookcase organised

How is your bookcase organised?

Bookcases and bookshelves come in many different shapes and sizes as do the books that often fill them! Tall and low, wide or narow! Open shelves (like above) or more closed in with back and side fills. Modern or contemporary style or something a little more traditional.

How do you arrange your books? Are your bookcases overcrowded and chaotic?

If you have an assortment of books by various authors you may decide to alphabetise your collection by author. However, this can be problematic if you forget the name of the author! Perhaps you organise by subject and have a cookery book section, a gardening section, a reference section and a section for fiction.

how is your bookcase organised

Do you prefer to keep tall or larger books at the bottom and smaller books at the top? Maybe you store from left to right with larger books at the left of the shelf moving down to smaller books on the right.

Perhaps you like your books to be colour coordinated and stored accordingly!

Or maybe a personal library is not your thing and your bookcase is full of souvenirs and family photographs.

So, how is your bookcase organised?


Things to consider when planning a home office

canal heights desk from furniture collection

Things to consider when planning a home office

Whether you have recently moved and found yourself with an ‘extra’ room or whether you are changing the use of a guest bedroom, a conservatory or a disused dining room to a home office there are several elements to ponder at the planning stage…



Who? What? When?


Who?  Will anyone else in the household or family use the space?

What?  What will the office be used for?

When?  When will the office be used?


  • Infrequently: is the space for paying household bills, light paperwork or occasional internet use?
  • Occasionally: do you occasionally work from home?  Perhaps you are a self-employed tradesman or a complementary therapist working in different locations.
  • Full-time: are you planning on full-time deskwork from home?

Home Office Furniture


  • Have you enough sockets?  Think about the equipment you will need: computer, printer, scanner or small photocopier….
  • Is the lighting adequate?  If not, will you need extra overhead lights or will you use desk lamps?
  • Do you need a phone?  Internet?



You may have an empty room now but you need to work comfortably.

What type of desk do you need?  Have you a laptop or a desktop computer?  Will you require writing space?


  • Where will you locate your desk and chair to have optimum room to move at the desk?
  • So the electrician has provided extra sockets for that printer, scanner and telephone but have you space for all of those on your desk?  Will you require a printer storage cabinet or CPU storage?
  • Are you going to require a file cabinet?  Would a small pedestal that could fit under the desk suffice or will you require a much larger file cabinet? Perhaps a desk with a filing drawer would suffice.
  • Have you many research books or file folders?  Do you need a bookcase or would a storage cupboard be more appropriate?
  • Are you starting your own business?  As the business grows can you adapt the space to include additional storage or equipment as required?


Taking the time to plan in advance will ensure the smooth running of your future home office!