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How is your bookcase organised ?

How is your bookcase organised

How is your bookcase organised?

Bookcases and bookshelves come in many different shapes and sizes as do the books that often fill them! Tall and low, wide or narow! Open shelves (like above) or more closed in with back and side fills. Modern or contemporary style or something a little more traditional.

How do you arrange your books? Are your bookcases overcrowded and chaotic?

If you have an assortment of books by various authors you may decide to alphabetise your collection by author. However, this can be problematic if you forget the name of the author! Perhaps you organise by subject and have a cookery book section, a gardening section, a reference section and a section for fiction.

how is your bookcase organised

Do you prefer to keep tall or larger books at the bottom and smaller books at the top? Maybe you store from left to right with larger books at the left of the shelf moving down to smaller books on the right.

Perhaps you like your books to be colour coordinated and stored accordingly!

Or maybe a personal library is not your thing and your bookcase is full of souvenirs and family photographs.

So, how is your bookcase organised?