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Top Tips: What should I look for when choosing an office chair ?

Tips to Help You Choose an Office Chair

Tips to Help in Choosing the Right Office Chair for You!

So you are on a website selling office chairs! Oh the choice...

There are a wide array of office chairs on the market today. The choice is so vast - there is something for everyone!

How do you narrow this down? Where do you start?

The following tips are designed to help you choose something to suit you, your space and your budget!


Office Chair Price Range Slider1) Office Chair Price - Budget or Top End ?

Think about how much you can afford. A top of the range ergonomic office chair is not an option for everyone. For many it is quite simply out of the budget.

Choose a website that offers a price range scale within the category. That way you can set the price to select office chairs only within your budget!

Remember if your maximum budget is £100 and you set the slider for £100 that you could miss out on your perfect chair at £101.00. The price slider is that sensitive!

If a website does not offer a price range there might be an option titled Sort By. This often includes a sort by price option that you can simply select from the drop-down menu. It may be highest to lowest or lowest to highest price. Some websites will offer both a price range and a sort by price option.


2) Office Chair Finish - Leather, Faux Leather, Plastic, Fabric ?

... and What About Colour?

So now you have narrowed your choice down a little more it is time to think about the environment for this office chair. Where is it for? For a laboratory or a kitchen for example you would ideally be looking for something you can easily wipe clean such as faux leather or plastic.

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more plush for an executive office or a home study and would rather have full leather. Or maybe you are looking for a specific colour you can match with green and orange company branding or your cream living room sofa! 

Most websites will have filters either to the left or the right of the products where you can select material and colour finish options to suit your requirements.

Remember initially these filters may not show the exact colour or finish you are looking for. For example you make seek a Cream Leather Office Chair. You select Cream and Leather from the Filters but... see a brown leather or blue fabric chair. This is generally because the brown leather chair is offered in a range of leather colours including brown and cream. The blue fabric chair may be offered in a range of materials ie leather and fabric as well as a choice of different colours.


3) Finally Features of an Office Chair

Office Chair Website Filter Options Colour Material

You may have reached a point where it is slightly more difficult to narrow down further with filters. This largely depends on the individual website where you are shopping. However by this stage, you should have narrowed your search parameters down quite considerably and made the search for your perfect office chair much easier.

Other things to consider include do you require arms? Sometimes, particularly for a home, arms can be a hinderance if you need to tuck it under a low table at the end of the day or the weekend.

If you do require arms - you have a choice of fixed or adjustable? Adjustable arms can be lowered or raised some are also depth adjustable too. 

In an office or workplace environment office chairs with castors (i.e. wheels) are more popular. To make it even more difficult there is not simply one choice of castor! However in the home, wheels may not be a requirement particularly on carpet. 

Think about the users whether at home or in the workplace. How many hours will the chair be used? What is the weight of the user? Will there be many different users?

Some office chairs have small gas lifts and are recommended for only 3-5 hours usage a day. Many of these are unsuitable for anyone over a particular weight. For a student studying a couple of hours at home of an evening they are often a good economical choice. Other office chairs are much more heavy duty and can be used for up to 24 hours a day. These are perfect for an environment with shift workers or gamers! Height and back adjustable chairs are a better choice in an environment where there are many different users. These allow each user to adjust the chair to their own individual comfort requirments.


The above tips will have you well on the way to choosing the correct office chair for you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email. A member of the team will be happy to help.

The Perfect Five Minimalist Trestle or Console Table Style Home Office Desks

Minimalist Trestle or Console Table Style Home Office Desks

In the days where EVERYONE seems to be homeworking it can be difficult to source a minimalist style desk to fit seamlessly into the home environment.

Console table and trestle style home office desks are increasing in popularity. This is largely due to their minimalist look and their ability to nestle comfortably into any home environment without looking like an office desk. Let's face it who wants to look at a work desk on a weekend!

The following are our top 5 picks. 


5424259 Trestle Style Home Office DeskTrestle Style Home Office Desk

The perfect choice for the bargain hunters! Our cost effect choice nestles in at the £100 mark including delivery.

This simple and sleek design is available in two colour finishes (image shows Summer Oak wood effect finish). It is also available in a darker Cinnamon Cherry finish.

We love the neat stationery drawer. Ideal to hide away all your papers at the end of the day. 


Arizona and Aspen Home Office Writing Trestle Desks

Arizona Home Office Trestle Style DeskOkay so this is actually two slightly different desks - the Arizona and Aspen.

The Arizona is another economical choice, like the two above, this will give you change from your £100. If your budget is a little more, then Aspen includes a drawer and is a tiny bit bigger. However, the Arizona may be the better choice if you have printer as it has a useful storage shelf at the bottom (see the Arizona in image to right).

Both desks are finished in a fresh light oak wood effect. The Aspen is light oak and white.


Canal Heights Console Desk

Canal Heights Console DeskMid way through our top 5 picks is the Canal Heights desk shown in the main image above.

This is one of the more expensive desks from our list but isn't it so stylish!

We love the contrast of the Northern Oak wood effect with the powder coated metal frame. This drawer is actually a fake front - it flips down and slides out to use as a keyboard and mouse shelf (see image). Clever, eh?

What's more this is from a collection of furniture. Love it ?  Coordinate with another piece from the range ... perhaps a coffee table or bookcase.


Study Desk Console Style

Study Desk Console StyleNext up is this beautifully designed Console Style Study Desk. 

This desk boasts two stationery drawers and is finished in Salt Oak wood effect. This piece of furniture is so versatile. It would look equally lovely sitting in a hallway with a pot plant or vase of flowers, when not in use as your workspace!


Towson Trestle Desks

Last on our list are the Towson desks. There are two colour finishes. Choose from all White (shown in image) or the Beaufort Oak wood effect. 

A Towson desk is ideal if you seek that truly simplistic look. No frills with this duo. Simple, contemporary and functional.


Towson Contemporary Trestle Style Desks

So that's our perfect 8 - thought it was meant to be 5?!?! 


If you would like any further information about any of these desks, or any other products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional images are available for each of the desks via our Saxen online store. The website also includes detailed dimensions for each product should you need to check space in your home. 

If you seek information on a particular desk from our Perfect Five Minimalist Trestle or Console Table Style Home Office Desks click on the images above to forward to the individual product page. 

White Desks for the Home Office or Commercial Environment

White desks are a popular choice. A neutral colour to blend into any environment whether this be a small space within the home, a dedicated home office or study or a commercial workspace.

Large White Office Desk

Ascend White Office Desk

Searching for the right desk with the Saxen online store is simple. If you seek a larger desk, either for a commercial enviroment or for a large study at home, Saxen offer an extensive variety. Some of these are available to view, and purchase, under the Desks section of our online store. Within the Desks section it is possible to select only desks available in white finish. This will provide a variety of diffferent sized desks.

The 'white' search option includes the contemporary Ascend A-Frame Double Wave Desk (in the image to right) from a leading UK manufacturer. This particular desk is available in a choice of 4 widths - 1200, 1400, 1600 or, the largest, 1800mm.

Many of the ranges within the Desks section of the store are from popular Office Furniture collections with a variety of coordinating storage options available to purchase separately.

Looking for a white desk that's a little smaller?

Perhaps a white desk with some inbuilt storage?

White Home Office Desk

The Home Office section of the Saxen online store offers a wide variety too. From a contemporary white glass desk to something a little more traditional. From the budget conscious to the more extravagant. Once again there is the option to select white finish.

If you would like some help in sourcing the perfect white desk for your needs please contact the Sales team.